nothing is real

this is how i feel

this is how we all feel

nothing is real-this is how we all feel

we feel


it could be worse

it could be all true

i wouldn't want that to be

anything harder then you


is this real?

i know this is unreal

i hope we find the real

only this time in our self...


nothin is real

i hold this to be

this Carpet is real

we're laying in thy


this fast is a fighting 

this hole is a lighting 

and i need time 


nothing is real 

this force is a feel 

and i know i'm fighting 

the carpet is lying

and i just have to run


i don't

i need time to know

i need time to grow

nothing is real


i hold this in

i hold this in

nothin is real its just the way we feel

it's just the way we feel. 



Photo: Janine Kuehn

Artwork: Anna Illenberger